"Making Pleasurable Dining Affordable"


Management Highlights

  1. Performance Bonuses paid by Period (13 times per year), based on simple percents of sales and TCI. We have not changed our Bonus Package in 16 years!

  2. Quarterly Bonuses can earn management Teams $10,000 per year

  3. All Management Schedules are posted quarterly

  4. Vacation Program, uses a Paid Time Off system, allows a week off after your first 120 days and a week off each Quarter there-after

  5. Also, you can schedule yourself off a "Flex-Weekend" each quarter

  6. All salaried managers (excluding GM) receive a 6-day "Hire Date Anniversary Trip" yearly.

  7. Benefit coverage: Health, Life, Dental, Vision, and Disability

  8. 401K Savings Program available in 30 days.

  9. 12-week Training Program, salary paid

  10. Our General Managers average up to $80,000 to $90,000/year, with Kitchen and Service Managers at the $45,000 to $50,000 level.

We look for....

  1. Stable work history, no gaps. Not in and out of the Food Service industry

  2. No more than three jobs in the past six years

  3. Have been a salaried Food Service / Restaurant Manager for all of the past three years

  4. Preferred experience in family dining, cafeteria, or buffet

  5. Must be able to pass a rigorous background check and drug screening

  6. A current valid driver's license

If you qualify we'd like for you to join our team!
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General Email info@PlatinumCorralCareers.com


Co-Worker Specialties

  1. Server

  2. Line/Cashier

  3. Baker

  4. Cold Prep

  5. Meat Cutter

  6. Display/Hot/Grill/Fry Cook

  7. Utility/Dish

Co-Worker Highlights

  1. Flexible schedules

  2. No late nights, school friendly hours of operation, no alcohol on premises

  3. Competitive wages

  4. Opportunity to advance into management for those willing and able

  5. Scholarships available for those that qualify

  6. A fast paced, fun work environment

  7. One week paid vacation after one continuous year of employment (with minimum of 1,500 hours worked or approx. 30 hours per week)

  8. Two weeks paid vacation after 5 years of continuous employment (with minimum of 1,500 hours worked each year or approx. 30 hours per week)

We look for...

  1. Must have a positive, outgoing personality, and be a team player

  2. Must enjoy dealing with the public, and be able to interact with our guests

  3. Should have no more than 3 jobs in the past three years

  4. Be willing to pass a drug screen test

  5. Requires standing and walking 3-4+ hours without a rest break; must be willing to work hard at a fast pace

  6. Regular lifting and carrying; bending and reaching is required

  7. Compliance with position uniform standards and adherence to all company polices and house rules are required

  8. Weekends are required

  9. Must have reliable method of transportation to and from work

  10. Additional requirements per Job Specialty may be required and adhered to

If you qualify we'd love for your to join our team! Apply online at

Please visit your local Platinum Corral location to obtain an application.